The department of the Lot is in the Quercy. This is a region bordering the Perigord to the north and the Auvergne to the east. South of the Quercy lies the Armagnac region.
Our gîte is north of the river Lot in an area called ‘haute Quercy’ and boasts a great variety of landscapes and culture. The climate is influenced by the Atlantic, the Pyrenees and the Massif Central, which leads to warm summers and mild winters. The holiday season can last from the beginning of March to the end of October. Autumn is an especially lovely time of year.
The valley of the Lot has both beautiful natural attractions and a lot of culture. It is one of the oldest inhabited areas in France. In 1999 prehistoric caves were discovered here.
The region is teeming with bird life, and you can find thousands of different insects and flowers. If you look carefully you’ll find many different fossils.
These impressive surroundings guarantee a nice, relaxing holiday in the most beautiful part of France.