1 – 4 persons

Our very romantic and typical French farmhouse gives you the outmost feeling of how beautiful this part of France is.

This farmhouse was original built in the year 1780 and we have restored it during our holidays within 4 years, starting 1997 ending 2001. We have bought this very nice farmhouse in 1996. At that moment it was in a bad condition. Fortunately we saw that the construction of the house was very well.

As soon as we saw it we were totally lost. The last owner left in 1948, until the seventy’s they used the house to dry tobacco.

During the renovation, we renewed everything, the roof, windows, shutters, floors etc. There was no electricity and water supply in the house, the house used to have a well.

So at this moment everything is new, but kept the French style and atmosphere. It is a very comfortable house.