1 – 8 persons, with privat swimmingpool

This renovated farmhouse was originally built in the 19th century. It is now very well equipped, spacious and luxurious.

La Source is more than 150 years old and was built around 1860. From origin it is a farmhouse for goats. Montcabrier means the goat mountain. Under the farmhouse, now the cellars, were the stables. In 1928 the farmhouse was renovated for the first time, and was connected to the local electricity supplier.

After the second world war the former owner made more improvements to the house and its surroundings. In 1963 there was a major restoration and enlargement of the house. The house was from that moment on connected to a well, 1000 meter from the house, water from the mountains, this is also still drinkable . In 1982 the house was connected to the water from the town. ( This is also drinkable water.) We have disconnected the well from the house.

Starting the ninety’s we have made lots of improvement to the house, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, toilet, etc. In 2003 we have built a private swimming pool. The results are fantastic, ( so renters say)

The luxury of to day with a real French taste….